At Previwo we make fish health products to make life better


New Science

At Previwo, our approach with our investigations is to be as close to the source as possible to diagnose the contributing agents to the disease and also to closely study the bacterial milieu and the natural biota.

New approaches to the discoveries outside the current frame of thought has resulted in better and more relevant candidate vaccines and probiotic solutions with enormous potential.


Realising Innovation

We are a biotechnology company growing by investing in capacity of the company to bring to market our innovations.  The company was founded by Prof. Henning Sørum in 2013 around the new science and technology for vaccines.

Our developments stemmed from both Henning’s life work in bacteriology and a targeted research project supported by the Norwegian Research Council (NRC) at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU).


Building the Future

We have a strong pipeline and base in intellectual property to support the innovations and real experience gained with use of the first introduction, Stembiont™, in large scale production on commercial farms.

Previwo is fostered within the business incubator of Kjeller Innovation and have development funding from Innovation Norway.   We welcome discussion from individuals and investor groups who may wish to consider joining with us.  The future is near!


Stembiont ™ is a bath protocol using probiotic bacteria to increase the growth of post-smolt salmon in seawater. Use of beneficial bacteria has been shown to improve animal welfare issues and productivity. Variable increase in biomass over 16 weeks has been observed, depending on the room for improvement in the rearing system. The protocol has resulted in up to 30% more biomass accumulation in treated fish and a mean of 20% weight gain across several trials.  Controlled laboratory studies to optimize the use protocol and indications have shown the application to be robust across salinities and application time, giving the possibility of application in various ways during the rearing period. We are currently increasing our capacity to manufacture the product to make it available to industry on a wide scale.

Product pipeline

Probiotic Enhancement Products – At Previwo, we are researching and developing probiotic applications for salmon water treatment in fresh and salt water aquaculture, RAS systems and the potential for such products in alternate species; marine fish, and warm water aquaculture species.

Immersion Vaccines – We are developing a companion vaccine to be used in overall vaccination strategies against ulcerative conditions of salmon post-smolt.  This vaccine contains the important pathogens that are responsible for chronic summer and winter ulcers and is intended to be easily adopted in production during the rearing cycle.

Injectable Vaccines – We have an active research program including solutions for the ulcerative conditions and major classical disease indications.

Our experienced team

Avid, interested, solution oriented, creative and highly dynamic

Our experienced team

Avid, interested, solution oriented, creative and highly dynamic