FAQs about Stembiont™

What is Stembiont™?

Stembiont™ is a microbial product that strengthens fish health.  The product is registered as a microbial hygiene product with the Norwegian Environment and Climate Agency (Product registration No. 620082) and thus documented safely for the fish, the environment and the consumer.

What does Stembiont™ consist of?

Stembiont™ consists of benign probiotic Aliivibrio bacteria. Aliivibrio is a large and varied bacterial genus with a natural occurrence in marine environments.

How do probiotic bacteria contribute to better fish health?

All organisms depend on a beneficial composition of bacteria (microbiome) to have good health. The good bacteria prevent colonization of potentially harmful bacteria either by outperforming or directly combating. Bacteria are also known to have complex interactions with the host and, among other things, affect the host’s behavior as well as immune responses. Bacteria that increase the innate immune response may make the fish generally more resistant to various infections. The different effects of Stembiont™ indicate possible physiological changes or modulation of the non-specific immune system. A collaboration with academia is underway to describe the mechanisms.

What can Stembiont™ do for my fish?

Stembiont™ has documented a reduced risk of ulcers and sea lice as well as generally better survival and growth.

How is Stembiont™ administered?

Stembiont™ is administered by bath or dip. The most cost-effective method is to add Stembiont™ to the anesthetic water in connection with vaccination. This avoids unnecessary handling of the fish.

Are there requirements for water treatment when using Stembiont™?

There are no requirements for water treatment in connection with the use of Stembiont™. Any residues of Stembiont™ can be poured straight into the sink and other waste is sorted as usual.

Can Stembiont™ be used in RAS facilities?

Yes. Stembiont™ does not affect the composition or effect of the biofilter and the bacteria are only found in the fish after use in RAS.

Are there any incompabilities for use of the product?

Stembiont™ is compatible with production certified for GGAP/ASC/Ecological production and does not conflict with these standards. Stembiont™ is safe to use in conjunction with vaccines, anesthetic drugs (metacaine and benzocaine) as well as the use of bacteriophages.  Use in association with bath or oral antimicrobial applications is not recommended within 2 weeks of Stembiont™ use.

Is the product recommended to treat sick fish?

The product is health promoting, preventive application and not a treatment for already sick fish. Feel free to contact us for an assessment of whether and where in your production Stembiont™ can best be used and make the most difference.

Where can we buy Stembiont™?

Stembiont™ is ordered directly from Previwo. See the “about us” contact information section.

How long is the shelf life of Stembiont™?

Stembiont™ has a shelf life of 8 weeks from the date of manufacture.

How long is the delivery time from time of order of the product?

Stembiont™ consists of live bacteria and is mainly produced to order. To guarantee delivery, we have 4 weeks delivery time from order, but normally have the option to deliver on shorter notice. Contact us!

EHS - What smells when i open the product?

Stembiont contains live probiotic bacteria that are good for fish and safe for humans.  Bacterial fermentation has smells. There can be odor of alcohol, fruit, CO2 gas (carbonation) and sulfur (lit matches) when the nutrients in the fermentation are metabolised. These are normal aromas and biproducts of bacterial fermentations.  Upon first dispensing the product from a closed container, the initial dominant aroma may be perceived as unpleasant,  but does not pose a human health risk.