Fish health

It is becoming increasingly clear that farmed fish resilience needs to improve to ensure sustainable production and good fish health. Intensive production and biosecurity measures  in salmon farming often reduce the presence of natural beneficial bacteria that are important for good fish health. Research on the importance of the microbiome to contribute to good health is an increasing focus in all species. Preventing disease with the help of healthy food, low stress and the use of vaccines are well-known solutions, but the role of the bacteria and microbial reinforcement with good bacteria is less well known. We are at the forefront of this way of thinking about preventive fish health.

The bacterial genus Allivibrio, including those in Stembiont™, is very diverse and has evolved with marine organisms over a long period of time, including fish. Many Allivibrio species are known to live in symbiosis and have beneficial effect on the host.  Stembiont™ is a bath/dip product that ensures the introduction of selected good bacteria that are also found naturally in the fish and marine environment that optimize health, increase resilience, support basic biological functions and promote growth in salmon.