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Microbial enhancement for better fish health

Microbial enhancement

The environment in industrial fish farming systems has few of the good microorganisms that in nature help to make the Atlantic salmon robust. Based on collaboration with fish farming companies, we have researched and commercialized the first preventive and health-promoting probiotic product administered in baths. Stembiont™ improves and ensures a selection of functional probiotic bacteria to maximize the potential for health, welfare and productivity in your fish.

Financial gain

Based on lab and field data, Previwo has estimated the value creation potential in salmon farming at between NOK 10  and 20 per fish


Robust smolt

Lower risk of lice

Lower risk of wounds

Increased survival


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New employee

We are happy and welcome Anne Bakke Fylling to Previwo. Anne joined on 1 August as a Technical Manager. She will expand our capacity for customer follow-up and will assist in customer verification surveys and implementations with Stembiont. Together with Ragnhild, this makes a strong team. Anne will also use ...

We are building our team – New position as Technical Manager

Technical Manager Previwo AS Would you like to be an innovator in fish health pioneering a game changing approach in health management? Previwo AS, is a Norwegian based bio-technology company with biological health products for aquaculture that aim to add high value through managing microbial systems for better health, yield, ...


By exposing the fish to probiotic bacteria in the water, they get assistance to create a microflora of beneficial bacteria. This way of fortifying the microbiome makes for a more robust fish, reduces the risk of various microbial infections, including lice and generally promotes better health and growth.

Preventative approaches are necessary to ensure the welfare and economic gain of fish over time. The use of Stembiont™ has been shown to provide the fish with benefits that last the entire production cycle. Prevention is necessary to ensure the welfare and economic gain of fish over time.

Environmentally friendly

Our products consist of bacteria found naturally in the fish and the marine environment. The job we have done is to find the good bacteria and document that they only have positive results on the fish. Resistance is not a challenge associated with the use of our probiotic bacteria and work to reduce the number of other lice treatments that do present risk for resistance and animal welfare issues  . Use of our product is compatible with the certification programs Global Gap, ASC and ecological production.





Stembiont™ is a microbiological hygiene product approved by the Norwegian Environment Agency and is compatible with the certification programs Global GAP, ASC and ecological production. The product is used once before transfer to sea and is both environmentally friendly and non-medical. Stembiont™ is a natural support for your fish and provides a good, long-term reduction of the risk of chronic bacterial diseases and parasite infections.